Alquist’s Celsius system provides data centre managers with  high definition heat maps of every part of the server hall. Real time temperatures are automatically mapped on to floor plans, giving a fine-grained map of temperature distribution 

Depending on hall build characteristics and equipment density, Celsius fibre-optic sensing cable can be deployed above and below the server cabinets. 

Real time readouts are available every minute or if required more frequently, giving precise temperature data across the entire hall.

Data can feed directly into automated systems controlling air conditioning and air movement, and displayed using a special graphical interface giving managers a detailed real-time view of cooling performance. The graphical representation can also be made available to customers in co-lo facilities to share information about  cooling system performance. 

Alerts are available to warn of out of bounds conditions and alert managers if critical levels are breached. Alerts can be configured to work via SMS, email, or directly into other Data Centre Information Management systems. 

Alquist’s product range is fully compliant with the major industry standards and has a fully functional interface with Modbus and other industry protocols.


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