Celsius precision temperature monitoring provides a very cost effective solution for asset protection in many areas outside the server halls.  These include busbars, fuseboxes, switchgear, power cabinets, and other utility and service areas.

Instead of installing and managing multiple monitoring systems, Celsius offers one simple and elegant solution to temperature monitoring and leak detection across all areas of the data centre. 

Celsius cables can be run along busbars, entirely replacing the quarterly thermal imaging survey conducted in most data centres. Celsius provides a much superior solution as constant monitoring data becomes available, and there is no need to lift floor tiles, or install and maintain expensive cameras in hard-to-reach locations.

Celsius cables can also be routed to give early warning of potential temperature-related problems in fuseboxes and switchgear, and within power cabinets. 

If required, Celsius cables can also monitor temperature in hard-to-access areas such as roof spaces, underfloor voids, and in other areas such as service corridors.. 

Celsius can also be used for leak detection in any area where liquid spills needs to be monitored and controlled. Leaking liquids generally create a very small temperature differential. Celsius’ highly calibrated monitoring systems can detect these minute  temperature changes and alert managers early to potential problems. Because Celsius cables are inert, waterproof and extremely long life, they are ideal for a variety of locations where powered sensors will not work. 

The Celsius system is extremely versatile and same Celsius unit and fibre cable can be used for monitoring server halls and all the areas above, at very limited additional cost.

Information can all be brought back to one central point and integrated seamlessly with existing management information systems. Graphical displays are available showing temperature in the server halls but also along power transmission and other systems. 


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