Integration Services Overview


The Celsius system can be used in stand-alone mode to view and understand temperature performance across the data centre. However, most deployments require Celsius outputs to be integrated with other Data Centre Information Management (DCIM) systems, to give better overall visibility and permit automated linkage with cooling and alarm systems. 

Alquist offers a number of integration modules complying with the main industry requirements. These include a ModBus interface. Modbus is the most widely used industry standard interface.  

Interfaces have also been developed for Windows Server, SQL Server,  OPC and R232. 





Services Overview

In addition to the software integration modules above, Alquist provides consultancy services to assist clients in analysing their integration requirements, and ensuring the  DC-View outputs integrate seamlessly with their existing systems.

Alquist’s partners also provide a wealth of experience where integration design and implementation requirements are more complex.


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