Product Overview

Celsius sensing cables typically run for several hundred metres above and where required below server racks. They can deployed in free-standing mode, running in existing cable trays, along the top of server cabinets, and on the floor of the plenum area. However many operators prefer to deploy a dedicated support system.

Alquist has worked with cable manufacturers and support systems companies to develop a set of lightweight, easy to install support infrastructures which are readily deployable with no interruption to ongoing operations.  Alquist has also tested each support system to ensure that the temperature readouts are appropriately calibrated for the containment system used. 

Product Features

Alquist Fibre Containment provides 

  • A secure, simple method of routing cables around the data centre
  • A variety of support and containment options for more complex environments
  • Custom colour coding for easy identification of sensing cables
  • Rapid deployment options where installation service windows are limited

Installation Requirements 

Alquist Fibre Containment is straightforward to deploy and is generally installed by the client’s preferred site contractors.


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