Product Overview


DC-View is Alquist’s software suite supporting the Celsius hardware components. DC View’s core functionality builds on almost ten years of experience in the oil and gas and power distribution industries. The software is capable of handling very large data sets –for example real-time processing, recording and analysis of temperature data taken every minute, every metre along a 50km cable. 

DC-View has been developed to meet the special needs of the data centre, where shorter cables and faster sensing cycles are required. It also includes full floorplan visualisation capability; a range of alarm and alert programs, and ability to export data in standard industry format to DCIM packages.  

Product Features

DC-View provides 

Easy to understand real-time readouts of temperatures along each sensing cable

Fine-grained visualisation of temperatures across the entire data hall, mapped onto  existing floorplans in a user friendly and intuitive fashion

History records and time series data showing precise temperature information for every part of the facility, with easy identification of out of bounds events

User configurable zones and alarms are available for data centre managers, triggered at pre-set limits. Messages are sent by email or SMS

If site security permits, DC View outputs can be accessed remotely 

Integration capabilities are covered in a separate section

It operates with an intuitive software interface based on Windows OS

Hardware Requirements

DC View is a Windows based application which can be installed on a local server in the data centre.  Visualisation features will shortly be available as a web-based application.


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