Alquist has pioneered use of fibre-optic based temperature sensing for data centres, giving managers vastly more real time information to help them reduce risk, control energy spend, and limit carbon emissions.

Alquist Ltd is a Cambridge-based start up. Its Celsius technology is already used extensively in the oil & gas and power transmission sectors worldwide, to monitor pipeline and power transmission cable temperatures. Alquist has now adapted this system to assist environmental management in data centres. Specially adapted lasers convert fibre-optic cables into high precision temperature sensors, detecting minute real time changes every metre along their length. Data centre managers use the resulting high definition heat maps to adjust cooling systems and optimise operating temperatures within agreed safe limits.  Alquist’s Celsius product suite has received major industry awards from Data Centre Dynamics; the Chartered Institute for IT, and Comms Expo. It has been awarded substantial funding from the Department for Energy and Climate Change, administered through the Technology Strategy Board, to develop the product range further working with industry majors Interxion and Schneider Electric. 

Fly Through A Celsius-Assured Data Centre



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